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Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing Home Abuse and Assisted Living Abuse

Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys

Fighting for the Victims of Elder Abuse

Our aging friends and family deserve to be cared for properly.  A recent study indicates that in the 4 years ending in 2015, there was a 74% increase in nursing home abuse cases. As one of the oldest populations in the United States, it’s vital that nursing homes are held accountable for causing harm to the elderly and vulnerable. Without that accountability, all nursing homes will be allowed to physically, verbally, or sexually abuse countless people statewide.

The Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys at Lambrou Law, are committed to holding every nursing home in the accountable for patient harm that is caused. As an accomplished litigation, Lambrou Law is uniquely equipped to investigate and litigate against Nursing facilities. Our history of victory on behalf of the vulnerable as well as our renown in the arena of medical malpractice allows us to address the complex legal issues surrounding nursing home abuse.

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Florida Nursing Home Residents Have Rights

Nursing home abuse can take numerous shapes, which is why vigilance and awareness is vital to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. While some abuse certainly has physical signs and symptoms (e.g. bruises, scratches), some forms of abuse are invisible.

Nursing home abuse can include:

  •       Hitting or physically harming the resident
  •       Sexual abuse or rape
  •       Denying food or water
  •       Denying comforts or dignified accommodations
  •       Stealing money or defrauding residents
  •       Neglecting a patient’s medical needs

The laws in Florida, New York and Pennsylvania dictate all the rights that  nursing home residents are entitled to and give the residents a right to independent personal decision-making, which means no nursing home resident can be forced to participate or act against their wishes. As long as a resident is not harming themselves or others, there is zero reason for any nursing home employee to use physical force.

Nursing Home Abuse Abounds Due to Understaffing

It an open secret and National studies show that 91% of nursing home facilities are understaffed to some degree, and nearly half of all nursing homes have half as many staff members as they need to provide adequate care. When nursing homes are understaffed, it’s far more likely that patients will be neglected. Understaffed Nursing Homes can have a catastrophic effect on a resident’s mental and physical health. Additionally, low staffing means abusive or malicious employees can go undetected for longer than acceptable.

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For over two decades, Lambrou Law has been advocating for the injured and wronged. We’ve won many cases ensuring our clients could pay for medical care, recoup their lost income, and rebuild their lives. Because we’re a lean, mean and small firm with a limited caseload, we’re able to give each case the full extent of our focus and resources. This results in better results for our clients overall.

Our firm is particularly known for handling life-or-death cases, cases where the results affect our clients’ lives for the rest of their lifetimes. If you have such a case, you want to entrust it to the best legal minds you can find. Our firm includes legendary litigators with more than a century of combined experience. Speak with us today to learn how we can help address your needs.

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