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We represent clients in a broad array of areas involving personal injury, including medical malpractice and wrongful death.

The Lambrou Law Philosophy

Get the Justice you deserve by reclaiming rights with Lambrou Law . Our dedicated team fearlessly fights for clients across the nation, including New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Florida. We concentrate in a broad spectrum of personal injury cases, including the complex medical malpractice cases, wrongful death cases and catastrophic injury cases. With Lambrou Law by your side, you can trust our seasoned professionals to champion your case with unwavering honesty, determination, and hard work. We leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of justice, ensuring that your rights are restored, your voice is heard and Justice is served.  Over the years we have obtained life-changing recoveries for our past clients.

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Legal Representation You Can Count On


A Proven Track Record

“The Lambrou Law Firm is an exceptional firm…”

They are very professional, knowledgeable & highly experienced. They took good care of me. I truly believe I got the best representation possible. They came highly recommended. I feel Blessed that I got them to represent me. God willing, I hope & pray that myself nor my loved ones would ever need future representation, but if for unfortunate reasons we do, I would definitely go back to The Lambrou Law Firm! If you find yourself reading this review, while looking for representation, you definitely want to use The Lambrou Law Firm. I never write reviews, but I find it necessary to let you readers know how awesome my experience was with this firm. Thank you Lambrou Law Firm for everything!

A Client Who Was Struck by a Taxi

A Client Who Sustained a Spinal Injury

A Client Severely Injured in an Auto Accident

A Client Who Lost His Eyesight Due to Medical Malpractice

Testimonial From a National Trial Consultant

“Mr. Lambrou is a phenomenal lawyer…”

Mr. Lambrou is a phenomenal lawyer. He handled my case with absolute care and strives to achieve justice every step of the way. I highly recommend his services.

“I was so impressed with how he gives you the confidence to keep going…”

I just remember a big, big truck. There was a driver who was drunk. I just tried to avoid him and that’s it- I just wake up when the police and fire department was trying to take me out of the car. I was in a lot of pain. I had a broken hip, broken arm, and back. I was just thinking about my family, about what’s going to happen, who’s gonna handle payment of our bills? The expenses, the house, the kids…My wife called him (The Lambrou Law Firm). He right away comes to the hospital. The first time that I met him (Lambros Lambrou), I was so impressed with how he gives you the confidence to keep going. He told me that he’s gonna take care of everything for me. I feel so much better. I see the picture of the day I was in the hospital, and today everything is changed. I’m very blessed to find him.

“He’s helped me feel successful again…”

I lost my eyesight about eleven years ago. The doctor thought I had a sinus infection. Five spinal taps later, it was meningitis. I woke up out of a drug-induced coma, completely blind. When a hospital misdiagnoses you, something’s not right. That’s how I came to meet Lambros. I would be lost without him. When I would lose my temper, he became my therapist. When I thought things were dark and insurmountable, he became my minster. And that formed a remarkable friendship. If one life can smile and breathe better because you have lived, you’ve been a success. And he’s helped me feel successful again.

Legal Representation You Can Count On

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